Case Study: Preeti Developers

Client: Preeti Developers, a reputable and dynamic real estate agency dedicated to providing exceptional services to clients in their property buying, selling, and renting journey.

Challenge: The client’s initial number of organic backlinks acquired from websites in their operational regions fell short of generating a significant impact.

Strategy for success

  • Content optimization: We conducted an in-depth content audit to identify and address all areas of opportunity. We optimized the client’s existing content for relevant keywords and ensured that it was informative, engaging, and accessible to their target audience.
  • Link building: We implemented a comprehensive link building strategy to acquire high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites in the client’s niche. This helped to improve the client’s domain authority and boost their visibility in SERPs.
  • New content creation: We created new SEO-driven content on a regular basis to expand the client’s knowledge base and attract new visitors to their website. This content was optimized for relevant keywords and promoted through various channels.
  • Internal linking: We implemented an internal linking strategy to help users and search engines navigate the client’s website more easily. This also helped to distribute link equity throughout the website, further improving its overall SEO performance.


  • Significant improvement in organic rankings for relevant keywords
  • Increased organic traffic to the website
  • Higher conversion rates from website visitors